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Alfalfa is historically known as the ‘King of Foods’ and we tend to agree. It is one of the most nutritious herbs on the plan [...]

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of those plants we like to have on hand for quick first-aid support for sunburns, or even cuts and scrapes. [...]


The Barley plant yields the young barley grass which can be juiced and dried and has become a staple in many green drinks. Wh [...]


A cousin to blueberries, bilberries are full of nutrients that are widely known to support and rejuvenate the eyes, strengthe [...]

Black Cohosh

A champion plant for women, black cohosh is also useful to men. Along with its abilities to help the body balance hormones, b [...]

Blessed Thistle Known for centuries as one of the great female herbs, Blessed Thistle has a number of other infl [...]

Brigham Tea

Brigham Tea, Squaw Tea, Mormon Tea... all of these common names are given to the same plant that is largely found in America’ [...]


Burdock… that pesky thistle whose burr catches in clothing and animal fur, was the inspiration for our modern-day velcro. But [...]


Catnip is an herb that supports healthy digestion and is gentle enough to be used by children. It is very effective in helpin [...]

Cayenne This herb is a must in every first aid kit, because of its coagulation properties. The ‘heat’ fr [...]


Both German and Roman Chamomile are nourishing to nerves and tissues. It has been known historically to help support the body [...]


Contained in regions of the Southwest U.S. and Mexico, Chaparral clones itself season after season. Our Native Americans used [...]

Chaste Tree

Also known as Vitex, this herb got his name by historical anecdotes of monks eating it in order to suppress libido. In actual [...]

Comfrey Comfrey is very prolific and will take over a garden if left year after year. It not only assist [...]

Dandelion Who knew… that weed we are always trying to get out of our lawns can actually be used as a nutri [...]


Echinacea, our own North American herb, was used by the Native American tribes and gained popularity in Europe in the early 1 [...]


As its name implies, ‘Eyebright’ helps brighten the eyes while giving your sinuses a boost. It is also known to strengthen th [...]


Flaxseed is one of those super foods that Mother Nature came up with. It’s high in fiber, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids - [...]


A power punch for the immune system. Garlic gives your body that extra boost it need at times. If you’re worried about the sm [...]


Passed down from generation to generation, Ginger is still a treasure today. It’s uses are so broad that it can benefit pregn [...]


Back in the day, herbalists called Goldenseal the “King of the Mucous Membranes”. But don’t let that turn you away just yet. [...]

Hawthorne This member of the Heart Trifecta holds a special place in our hearts. Get inspired by this herb [...]


A best friend to your kidneys and bladder. Learn how Juniper can nourish and strengthen this part of the body in so many ways [...]


Known as the “Vegetable of the Sea” by many, this nutrient dense superfood helps tone the thyroid and endocrine system of the [...]


Licorice may have inspired the flavor in black, chewy ropes in candy stores, but in an herbie’s life, it inspires much more. [...]


Lobelia, in large amounts, was highly recommended by Samuel Thomson of the 19th century, to purge toxins. In regular doses, i [...]

Milk Thistle

If there was just one herb for liver it would be Milk Thistle. It has a rejuvenating effect on the liver, gallbladder, and di [...]


 As gross as it sounds, the body uses the mucilage and other nutrients found in Mullein leaves to soothe and protect the muc [...]


A long-time loved digestive herb, the body uses the nutrients in Peppermint to assist in dealing with cramps, nausea, bloatin [...]

Red Clover

Not just for grazing cattle, for us humans Red Clover can pack a punch in strengthening the blood, liver, nervous system, and [...]

Red Raspberry The benefits of Red Raspberry leaves are well known by herbalists and midwives and have been use [...]

Saw Palmetto The Mayans used Saw Palmetto berries as a food source to increase strength and nourishment. Toda [...]

Slippery Elm

The nutrient-dense inner bark of the Slippery Elm tree can feed and nourish the digestive tract from beginning to end. It als [...]

St. John’s Wort

We call St. John’s Wort the ‘Happiness’ Herb, because it helps the body replenish Serotonin and Dopamine levels. It also has [...]

Uva Ursi

This beautiful, low-growing evergreen shrub dates back to Native Americans and even Marco Polo when he visited China. Its val [...]


Valerian nourishes the body’s nerves and helps calm, relax, and respond normally to anxiety and stress. Valerian also assists [...]

Wild Lettuce

Once called ‘Poor Man’s Opium,’ Wild Lettuce is known for its calming effects on the nerves and support of a more restful sle [...]

Wild Yam

Wild Yam is known for its nourishing effects on female hormone activity. Less often recognized, are its benefits to everyone [...]


Yarrow is an interesting herb. In large amounts, it acts as a general restorative and tonic for run-down conditions. This pre [...]

Yellow Dock

Touted one of the best sources of iron in nature, Yellow Dock is recommended for symptoms associated with anemia and iron def [...]