The Truth About Snake Oil

Way back in the “olden days,” Australians exported a special remedy to America for the miners, trappers, and anyone moving west who dealt with dangerous rattlesnakes on the trail. It was widely understood that this remedy, “when applied to a snake bite, would penetrate the skin and detoxify the poison.”

Initially, the term “Snake Oil” was a good name, implying a good product that was quite effective.

“Unfortunately, back in the pioneering days, some of the traveling salesmen [snake oil salesmen] acquired bad reputations, not because their oils did not work, but because they were dishonest in other ways. But that is no reflection on the efficacy of melaleuca oil as an on-site detoxifier” (YLEO Company).

Did you catch that? That great remedy was melaleuca oil, also known as tea tree oil. So, this snake oil ain’t no snake oil (if you catch our meaning). It’s the real deal. It’s time to bring back the good, honest truth about this amazing essential oil. We invite you to explore melaleuca essential oil and use it for good in your life and the lives of your family and friends.