The Cleansing Power of Watermelon

Let us introduce you to one kind of gentle cleanse: the Watermelon Cleanse.

Watermelon is incredibly nourishing to the kidneys, bladder and heart. It is high in vitamins, especially lycopene (even more than tomatoes). And because it is so nourishing to the kidneys and bladder, it works as a mild diuretic… So you might consider doing this cleanse on a weekend (not necessary, but consider it).

There is no perfect protocol with the watermelon cleanse and you can decide however you want to do it. The biggest recommendation we can make is to choose organic. Other than that, there are a few different ways to make this great fruit most beneficial to you:

One option is just EAT WATERMELON. Cube your watermelon, and whenever you are hungry, help yourself. Make it your meal and have 3 or 4 meals of it a day. If you find that you need more variety, avoid heavy foods and stick with fruits and vegetables, especially cucumber and celery as they are also nourishing to the kidneys.

Another option is to JUICE THE WATERMELON. And when we say juice the watermelon, we mean the WHOLE THING. The rind contains chlorophyll and though we avoid it under normal circumstances because of its bitter taste, it’s almost unnoticeable when juiced with the entire fruit. Again, make this your meal replacement throughout the day, but if you must include other foods, stick with light fruits and veggies.

And of course, don’t forget to drink your water (remember – half an ounce for every pound you weigh).
Try it for a day and see what you think. Three days is considered an excellent cleansing period but, as always, follow your body and your intuition.