Ever notice that garlic's stem resembles the windpipe? Some 15th-16th century physicians believed that plants showed their healing qualities within their physical form. Holding to that theory, it is believed…



This herb is a must in every first-aid kit because of its coagulation properties. The ‘heat’ from Cayenne is used by the body to help stimulate the circulatory and nervous…



Cloves are more than just an aromatic spice. The nutrients in Cloves assist the body's immune system, digestive tract, and much more.

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Butcher’s Broom

The nutrients in Butcher's Broom assist the body in constricting, toning and supporting blood vessels, peripheral circulation, the lymphatic system and much more.

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Cordyceps helps to energize the body, support the immune system... and much more.

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Calendula is known to support healthy skin, tissues and membranes by assisting the body in improving circulation... and much more.

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The nutrients in Eucalyptus assist the body in dealing with congestion in the lungs, strengthening the immune system, and much more.

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Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is an Ayurvedic herb that assists the body in nourishing the brain, stimulating circulation and much more.

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The nutrients in Fenugreek assist the body in getting rid of mucus in the lungs, managing diabetes, stimulating lactation in nursing mothers and much more.

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