This herb is a must in every first-aid kit because of its coagulation properties. The ‘heat’ from Cayenne is used by the body to help stimulate the circulatory and nervous…


Apple Cider Vinegar

 It may seem counter-intuitive to consume something that is acidic to neutralize the acid in your stomach, but it works! Raw Apple Cider Vinegar aids the body in digestion,…



The nutrients in Fenugreek assist the body in getting rid of mucus in the lungs, managing diabetes, stimulating lactation in nursing mothers and much more.

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Blue Cohosh

The many nutrients in Blue Cohosh are known to relieve muscle cramps, coordinate uterine contractions during child birth and much more.

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USES – ACV: Throat Spray

Looking for a really great gargle or throat spray? With this recipe you just might be singing like a prince again instead of a frog.

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USES – SALT: Salt Lamps, Blocks and Rocks

Let your light shine with a Salt Lamp! Plugging one in helps purify air and your lungs and trades positive ions for negative. Who knew a lamp could give off more…

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