Ever notice that garlic's stem resembles the windpipe? Some 15th-16th century physicians believed that plants showed their healing qualities within their physical form. Holding to that theory, it is believed…



Similar and unique at the same time, the variety of clays found on earth have qualities that are invigorating to our bodies. Clay actually works like a magnet to toxins…



Calendula is known to support healthy skin, tissues and membranes by assisting the body in improving circulation... and much more.

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Blue Cohosh

The many nutrients in Blue Cohosh are known to relieve muscle cramps, coordinate uterine contractions during child birth and much more.

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Evening Primrose

The nutrients in Evening Primrose assist the body with women's hormone issues, promoting skin health...and much more.

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USES – GARLIC: Garlic Poultice

A poultice is something put on externally to pull out impurities or toxins in the body. With a garlic poultice you are literally pulling out toxins and driving in antibacterial…

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