Super Tonic Recipe


Have you heard of Super Tonic? It’s a tonic made from things you may already have in your kitchen. This combination of whole, raw foods makes a healthy tonic that is a natural immune booster & and it can assist the body in fighting infections.


  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar w/mother
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Very spicy peppers (habaneros or jalapenos)
  • Onion
  • Horseradish Root

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • Blender or food processor (sanitize)
  • 1 quart glass container w/tight-fitting lid

This is an easy, flexible recipe. Needed amounts vary according to how much you want to make. A good starting point is to blend 1 handful of each ingredient. Use a little apple cider vinegar to get things to blend to a rough mash. Tonic is roughly 2 parts vinegar, 1 part blended food mash.
In a jar, pour approximately 1 cup of mash & 2 cups of vinegar. For 2 weeks, store in the dark & shake 2 times a day. Strain & you’re done.


  • Take 1 tablespoon or more a day for health. Can be used like any other vinegar. Makes a great salad dressing with olive oil.