Strengthen Those Lungs!

Meet Mullein. If you were to go buy some cut up mullein leaves in bulk, you might be surprised at how light and fluffy they are. But stored inside those nice, soft, friendly-looking leaves is a powerhouse of nutrients for your lungs. As far back as Civil War times, when soldiers ran out of conventional medical supplies, they turned to mullein.

Here are some interesting aspects of this velvet leaf:

  • Mullein assists the body in soothing inflamed tissues.
  • Mullein helps strengthen sinuses and supports free breathing.
  • Mullein may assist the body in clearing the lungs and calming spasms.
  • Mullein supports general respiratory health.
  • Mullein supports healthy lymphatic flow.
  • Mullein assists the body in nourishing healthy nerves, especially those agitated by coughs or spasms.
  • Mullein helps the body move mucus out.
  • Mullein assists the body in protecting mucous surfaces and may help inhibit the absorption of allergens through mucous membranes.
  • Oil of Mullein helps the body in dealing with symptoms associated with ear infections.

As the cold months approach, this is a great herb to have on hand. Taking it as a tea is the most soothing method. Drink up, stay warm, and breathe right!