Stinky Onion for ZZZZ’s

We asked Moms to finish this sentence…“Things my mother would have us do that were most likely passed on from her mother…”

Here’s one Mom’s reply:

“I think that one of the most interesting is the half an onion in the windowsill. I remember my grandmother, then my mother, then me doing it. Finally, I asked my mom why we did this. She replied that ‘onions suck all the germs and sickness out of the room.’ If you were to place half an onion on the bed table next to someone who is sick, by morning the onion would be turning black. I’ve not tried this due to the fact that a stinky onion wouldn’t put me to sleep!”

A stinky onion wouldn’t put you to sleep you say?!? Not according to Joan and Lydia Wilen, authors of Folk Remedies That Work. Page 246 states, “Chop a yellow onion in chunks and place the chunks in a jar with a cover. Place the jar on your night table. Once you’re in bed and having trouble falling asleep, uncover the jar and take a deep whiff of the onion. Re-cover the jar, lie back, and think lovely thoughts. You should be asleep within fifteen minutes.”

So not only are onions effective for those who are sick, but they can aid those who are tossing and turning.