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HerbU Seedling​

Begin Your Herbal Journey with HerbU Seedling. A perfect starting point for those new to herbalism or seeking to expand their knowledge without a financial commitment.

Membership Features:

  • Comprehensive Course Library: Access an array of free courses covering a range of topics from the basics of herbalism to specialized subjects.
  • Herbalist Almanac: Explore our extensive Herbalist Almanac for in-depth herb definitions, uses, and historical insights.
  • Regularly Updated Content: Stay informed with constantly updated resources, ensuring fresh and relevant herbal knowledge.


HerbU Bloom

Flourish in Your Herbal Journey with HerbU Bloom. An exclusive membership designed for those who are deeply passionate about herbalism and wish to engage more intimately with the herbal community.

Membership Features:

  • Everything in the Seedling Membership, plus...
  • Advanced Course Access: Unlock a premium range of in-depth courses and workshops not available to free members.
  • Exclusive Webinars and Events: Participate in monthly webinars and special events hosted by renowned herbalists.
  • HerbBook Access: Full access to HerbBook, our social networking platform, to connect and interact with herbalists globally.
  • Personalized Herb Profile: Create and customize your herb profile, showcasing your expertise and experiences.
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