Please Pass the Pomegranates


In honor of our Grandparents, one of our herbalists would like to share a memory with you:


“One of my favorite things as a little girl was to go pick pomegranates at Grandma’s house. We’d fill bucket after bucket as she would tell us stories about when she was a little girl. Then we would go inside to enjoy our very own pickings … all by ourselves.


My little sister always wanted to eat them one at a time as she picked each tiny piece out of the skin. I would wait and gather them until I could put a huge spoonful in my mouth. I loved the juicy, tart, crunch with each bite. As a bonus, if some deep red juice squirted out of my mouth, it made eating them just that much more fun for a kid!


Those days with my Grandma are long gone, but little did I know Grandma was passing down more to me than memories. What a power punch these tiny fruit seeds carry!


One way that blood lipids become “atherogenic,” or disease-promoting, is through oxidation. Pomegranates can help the body reduce this oxidative stress in the blood, thus supporting healthy blood cells, arteries, and heart. They work with the body to decrease inflammation throughout the cardiovascular system too.


So, go ahead and dive into that juicy red goodness; because with this heart supporting food, you can keep your own loving memories in your heart forever.”