Parsley: More than Just a Pretty Garnish

Here’s an herb that often gets overlooked for its value. Even in cooking it literally gets pushed to the side to be just a decoration for your plate. But after reading this, you will start rethinking Parsley’s value as more than just a dinner adornment. Here are five things to love about this pretty plant:

  1. It’s high in chlorophyll. That means it helps cleanse the blood which may also mean it helps freshen breath (which is probably why it was put as a garnish in the first place).
  2. It provides nourishment and support to the kidneys. Nicholas Culpepper, an herbalist of the 1600’s, praised its quality of helping the body deal with “kidney and bladder disturbances.” Parsley helps provide nutrients to the kidney to assist in its cleansing process. It may work as a gentle diuretic.
  3. Parsley is particularly well-known for its high vitamin C and potassium content. According to the Little Herb Encyclopedia, gram for gram, Parsley has three times more vitamin C in comparison to citrus juices.
  4. Along with supporting the kidneys, Parsley may also help the body in dealing with adrenal gland weakness.
  5. Researchers have found that the volatile oils in Parsley help the body neutralize certain carcinogens and have labeled it a “chemoprotective” food.

Yes, she makes your dinner plate pretty, but now you have reasons to love Parsley for more than just her looks. She’s worth more than her weight in gold and these are just a few of her incredible qualities. Get to know her and you’ll see there is so much more beneath the surface.