Ole’ for Tortilla Chip Day!

In honor of Tortilla Chip Day, what goes better with Chips than Salsa? One of the key ingredients of salsa is also one of the Seven Healers — Garlic! Not only can you enjoy garlic in salsa, but some of you intrepid souls might endeavor to celebrate the day with, you guessed it, Garlic Shooters!

Before you balk, let’s sing garlic’s praises:
One is that it is antibacterial and antiviral. That’s right, it can help boost your immune system. So, as the winter season ends, consider this recipe to fight off any lingering colds or flues.

Garlic Shooter
Freshly squeezed juice of ½ Lemon
1-2 Tablespoons Water (optional)
1 clove Garlic, freshly minced or crushed
Put the lemon juice and water into a cup. Add a freshly crushed garlic clove. Immediately swirl cup to achieve a circling motion and drink in one gulp.

Note: Once the garlic is crushed it should be used within ten minutes for best potency.

What’s that you say? Odor? Well the solution is simple. Have everyone around you take a garlic shooter as well! This keeps everyone’s immune system strong, everyone’s noses not so sensitive, and bonds friendship! What better way to celebrate bonding with garlic? Ole’!