My Story of Lupus

And I want to talk about Lupus only because of my experience, not from any experience that you guys have or I’ve read or any other information out there. Let’s just talk about Lupus. About 25 years ago, I had some Lupus symptoms. A crazy herb lady grew this Echinacea in her backyard and she gave me a tincture of it. I had no idea what a tincture was at that time in my life. She gave me this tincture and these silly symptoms including the butterfly rash went away. And since that day, every time I ever have a symptom I go for Echinacea. And a few years ago, I started looking into, wow this really should be on the internet because there’s a lot of people who have Lupus. And then I started talking to people who have Lupus and that’s the big no-no, because they say no Echinacea if you have Lupus. Because it makes your immune system go crazy and it, that is what Lupus is already doing. The autoimmune system is already not functioning well. I think they have misplaced Echinacea with other immune stimulating drugs. This is an immune food so wouldn’t it be natural that you could take some of the leaves, the gentle leaves and some of these things to be able to support the body. It would make sense to me if your immune system is out of whack to take immune supporting herbs but that’s not how the medical community sees it. And it doesn’t make sense to me and I need to speak out about it because it’s hard and it’s preventing people from feeling better. We just want to feel better. We just want to be better and be healthier. And, so I was afraid to kind of tell that story for a long time, but that story’s about me. It’s not about you, it’s not about the history of Echinacea. It’s about you and your body. It may work for me, but it may not work for you. That’s my story and the only reason I am is because I believe that Echinacea needs to be talked about in a way that it deserves because this plant deserves some attention.