Mama Bear over a Spider Bite


A few years ago my teenage daughter came to me with a bite mark on the crook of her arm. She said she’d noticed it a couple of days before but it wasn’t going away. It was quite red and swollen so I put a couple drops of essential oil on it and sent her on her way. With 8 children, that had always done the trick. But a couple of days later she came back to me and the bite area was much worse. Swollen, red, oozing, turning black on the outside edges and beginning to split open; not to mention her energy level was super low for her competitive sporty self. I immediately thought, Brown Recluse, but was assured by a bug man that there were none of those in the Las Vegas desert. Not knowing what kind of spider it was, I treated it as if it was just that.


Let’s just say, I went “Mama Bear” on that bite. I mixed Bentonite Clay with a tincture made of Goldenseal, Echinacea and other immune boosting herbs and applied it directly to her bite and the surrounding area. Each time I did this, I noticed toxins would literally drip down her arm.


I figured that if there were toxins on the surface, they would be inside her body as well so I gave her those same immune supportive herbs internally every couple of hours.


After a couple days I noticed the swelling had gone down. Victory! We continued these poultices even a few days after the redness was gone so we thought all was well. Her strength was coming back slowly so we more or less forgot all about it. Then a month later she showed me 3 spots in her armpit and was showing the same signs of fatigue as before. Now, I’m not a doctor and we didn’t go to a doctor when these spots showed up, but I’m a strong believer in “Mama Intuition” and it was telling me that the two were related. So I started doing the poulitices again, on her armpit this time. And feeding her herbs that are known to boost the immune system and we watched as once again, her body worked its magic and rid itself of those toxins. The redness went away, her body got stronger and stronger and she was back to normal. Never to have it come back again.

– Ginger W.