Making Memories

Someone once said: “ Forgive the mess, we are making memories.”

We fully realize that with family and friends, life can get messy. But often with the mess comes greater joys and happiness than we realize possible. We hope you will take a minute to reflect on what you have gained from your relationships and the memories you have made. And just to add a little more power to keep those memories fresh in your mind, here are some herbs that feed your brain and support your memory.

Ginkgo Biloba – supports blood circulation to the brain’s central nervous system.

Gotu Kola – is a “brain food” which aids the body in memory recall and energizes the cells of the brain.

Rosemary – was used by the ancient Greeks to support memory. Students would wear sprigs of it in their hair while they studied, making this special herb a symbol of remembrance.

It is our hope that you have built wonderful memories that will last you a lifetime, and you are eating those herbs which support your brain.