Love that Licorice

In the non-herbal world, licorice is usually associated with snacks and candies that aren’t even flavored by the true natural licorice. But cross over to the herbal world and see what a versatile and useful herb Licorice is. On top of that, it actually tastes good!

Let’s go through some of the body systems and see where Licorice may help:

Adrenals – Studies have shown that a compound in licorice, glycyrrhizin, helps the body stimulate the secretion of cortisone and aldosterone without depleting the adrenal glands. This helps the body handle stress better. In fact Licorice is known to just help the body create a general feeling of well-being.

Stomach – Licorice nourishes the body in such a way that it helps promote mucous secretion from the stomach which supports a healthy stomach lining and healthy stomach cells. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help the body deal with stomach discomfort.

Respiratory Tract – Licorice is very popular in helping a sore throat and is most often taken as a tea. But did you know you can also chew the bark? Now there’s a new kind of cough drop. Additionally, Licorice supports healthy lungs by helping the body loosen up phlegm and soften mucous membranes.

Immune System – Licorice has antiviral properties and may promote an immune response that helps the body activate its T cells, the cells known to seek out and fight viruses.

Reproductive System – Licorice is also known to help the body normalize the menstrual cycle in women because of its phytosterols that promote healthy levels of estrogen production.

Licorice is not just a snack for road trips. It’s a bark that can nourish the body in so many different ways, it’s amazing. See what else Licorice may do for you and try it in any form you like: capsules, tea, powder, in cough drops, in cough syrups, and even just chewing on the pieces of bark!