Kelp for Help

Support Your Thyroid Health Naturally

While you may not know if you have a thyroid disorder, if you experience the following you definitely know something is wrong:

· You are cold all the time.
· Your hair is falling out.
· You can’t lose weight despite religiously watching your diet.
· You’re always tired.

Or, maybe you experience the opposite:

· You’re too hot.
· You can’t keep weight on.
· You can’t calm down enough to sleep.

Whether your thyroid gland is over-producing or under-producing, living with a thyroid imbalance is miserable. You’ve probably heard about all of the amazing claims about Seaweed these days, but it’s most popular feature may be that it may help the body regulate the thyroid gland. It is often used interchangeably with the very similar Bladderwrack.
But let’s talk Iodine! The natural plant Iodine found in Kelp is absorbed much more slowly, and therefore more safely than chemically processed Iodine. And, while that Iodine is working to support the thyroid, it is claimed that Kelp may also activate the other endocrine glands of the body too, helping to keep all of your hormones in balance. Having your hormones in balance is essential for feeling healthy.

And let’s not forget that Kelp is packed full of nutrients, supporting an overall feeling of wellness and health in the body.

If you have been suffering from thyroid symptoms, look to the wonder of Kelp for help!