Introduction to HerbU

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Welcome to HerbU! I’m Angela Harris–mother of 9 and Fifth-Generation Herbalist.

This herbal heritage came to the forefront at a critical point in my life. I studied herbs like my life depended on it–and discovered that my life and my family’s lives would be forever changed. HerbU is a compilation of generations of herbal knowledge and experience.

  • Enjoy tons of “Freebies” including:
    • Daily Inspirations–little nuggets of herbal wisdom!
    • Learn from herbalists’ personal experiences under the Herb Journal section.
    • View Herbal Snippets–valuable excerpts from my full-length video courses!
    • And Definitions where you’ll find helpful meanings to words you may or may not yet be familiar with. Don’t worry. By the time you’ve digested this website you’ll know them all!
  • With your paid subscription you gain access to even more content, including several full spectrum courses covering everything under the sun!
    • Learn about the Top 40 Herbs of North America.
    • Learn how to make your own Tinctures, Oils and Salves.
    • Discover how to use herbs to support your health in my A-Z Almanac course.
    • Gain access to Urban Herbalist Chat where herbalists like yourself can connect and share ideas.
    • Download free PDF’s of my books: Top 40 Herbs of North America and 7 Healers of the World–more than 400 pages of wisdom and knowledge!
  • Don’t overlook the search feature–it will help you find information that’s most important to you.
  • Oh, yeah! Check back often because there is so much more coming!!
  • Every week we’ll highlight new free content on the front page, including 3 full length videos from my herbal courses.

Whether you’re a first-generation herbalist or a fifth-generation herbalist, HerbU is chock-full of valuable knowledge that will enrich your life for generations to come!

We’ve got BIG plans! Come Grow With Us!!