Honey: A Young Pioneer’s Sweet Adventure

Honey: A Young Pioneer’s Sweet Adventure

Let’s go back in time to see how the pioneers used to find beehives for all their honey needs…

It’s a beautiful spring morning with a gentle breeze over the wild field grasses. A little pioneer girl prepares her “bee box”. First, she sprinkles a little flour in the bottom of the box, slides the false bottom through the middle, then gently sets a few freshly picked wildflowers on the false bottom of the box. Now it’s time for a fun adventure!

Our little heroine finds a nice spot to set her box. She finds a place close to a flower patch that is growing on a small hillside. With the lid open and the fragrant flowers beckoning, she sits a few paces away and waits.

Soon a little bee friend finds her box and revels in the flowery treat inside. Our heroine quietly walks to the box and closes the lid, holding the bee inside, then slips the false bottom out. With one turn of the box, the wee bee friend is covered in flour!

The young pioneer lass then sets the box back in the exact spot it was, opens the lid and quietly waits for the bee, dusted in flour, to take flight. She is off to the most exciting journey of this adventure! The flour slows our bee down just enough so she can follow him to his hive.

Honey has been called “one of nature’s most beneficial foods.” It has been prized for ages, not only for its delicious sweetness, but for its medicinal properties as well. Just like our pioneer friend, we think honey is worth the hunt!