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My Story of Lupus

  A heartfelt testimonial of Angela's personal experience with Lupus and Echinacea.   This video snippet was taken [...]

Brother’s Asthma

https://vimeo.com/245551544 A personal story from Angela about Comfrey. This video snippet was taken from our Comfrey class, [...]

WWII Valerian Tea

https://vimeo.com/174056936 Brits used Valerian tea to calm their nerves during WWII air raids. What kind of stress can Vale [...]

WWII Pilots

https://vimeo.com/174037994 During WWII, pilots used Bilberry jam to keep their eyesight sharp. This video snippet was taken [...]

Rubbed Her Feet

https://vimeo.com/270271154 With tears in her eyes she said, "this is life changing for me." When you find what works it wil [...]

Mom’s Eyes

https://vimeo.com/279128499 Bilberry is so nourishing to the eyes. But don't take our word for it... seeing is believing! Th [...]

Black Plague

https://vimeo.com/222595109 What can we learn from grave robbers about the protective properties of Garlic? Plenty! This vid [...]

Puppy With Parvo

https://vimeo.com/222595726 Parvo can be a scary thing for our furry friends. Find out how Angela saved her puppy from Parvo [...]

Lobelia Oil

  A personal story… the magic of Lobelia was first discovered when I was pregnant with my sixth baby.   This video [...]

Washington’s Army

https://vimeo.com/174048952 Did you know George Washington’s army survived on Slippery Elm porridge for twelve days! Perhaps [...]

Eyes Matter

Imagine you are flying down a dusty, country road on a road bike. The only thing that seems to matter is the wind in your fac [...]

Grumpy Lady

https://vimeo.com/271165486 Are you living with a "grumpy lady?" Or, are you the "grumpy lady?" This magical potion just mig [...]

Happiest Family Reunion

https://vimeo.com/271789704 Looking for a fun time at your next family reunion? Try spiking the lemonade with a few ounces o [...]

Baby Acid Reflux

https://vimeo.com/245559321 For babies and elderly people with acid reflux,  slippery elm can make a big difference. This vi [...]

Hiking Treat

https://vimeo.com/201740566 In the 4th century B.C. Alexander the Great gave it to his troops for thirst and stamina. Take t [...]

Dad’s Licorice

https://vimeo.com/201740829 Our Dad’s favorite presents always included Black Licorice. With its soothing properties, it hel [...]

A Key in a Lock for Me

https://vimeo.com/222591802 There are only four ingredients in the original essiac formula from Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurs [...]

Weight Plateau

https://vimeo.com/174043025 Feel like you've hit a weight plateau? Try heating up your body from the inside out. This video [...]

Birth Tea

https://vimeo.com/172797190 Chamomile is known for its calming effect but did you know that it can also help tighten up the [...]


https://vimeo.com/172790145 Instead of stressing about wetting the bed, learn how the calming effects of Chamomile could hel [...]

Ho Shou Wu

Make Old Stuff Big Stuff with Ho Shou Wu - We'd like to tell you a story about a Chinese herb with a reputation for longevity [...]

Haun’s Mill

https://vimeo.com/174047902 The pioneers certainly left a legacy of determination and faith through the hardships they exper [...]

Iron Mama

The Iron Formula is a simple recipe for an incredible decoction that helps raise iron in the blood. Higher iron makes for a s [...]

Calming Mom

You might think raising a gaggle of kids is best survived with Valium. If you're needing a "Calgon, take me away" moment, you [...]

Bug Bites

Red Clover, Red Clover, send bug bites right over. This video snippet was taken from our Red Clover class, found in our Top 4 [...]

Stinky Onion for ZZZZ’s

We asked Moms to finish this sentence…“Things my mother would have us do that were most likely passed on from her mother…” He [...]