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History Lesson

Chamomile is more versatile that you think! Find out how herbalists of the past used it. This video snippet was taken from ou [...]

Lots of Nutrients

https://vimeo.com/278751477 There are over 200 nutrients that have been found, that are beneficial to man, in Aloe Vera. Thi [...]


https://vimeo.com/278540412 Alfalfa roots grow deep into the earth to soak up precious nutrients. This video snippet was tak [...]

Catnip Tea

Catnip is a gentle plant, so be gentle when you brew your Catnip tea! This video snippet was taken from our Catnip class, fou [...]

Goldenseal Salve

https://vimeo.com/174254204 Goldenseal makes a great salve for wounds. It's one of our favorites! This video snippet was tak [...]


In this modern world, our kidneys could use some love. Juniper Berry may be just what they need. This video snippet was taken [...]

Especially For New Moms

https://vimeo.com/174055161 Find out how new moms can use Uva Ursi to recover from childbirth. This video snippet was taken [...]

Think Respiratory

When you think of Mullein, think respiratory. This video snippet was taken from our Mullein class, found in our Top 40 Herbs [...]

A Friend to Nursing Moms

https://vimeo.com/174044913 Let's be honest, breastfeeding can be painful. If you are a nursing mom, Peppermint tea might be [...]


https://vimeo.com/174050977 Need a toothache remedy? Try a little Slippery Elm bark! This video snippet was taken from our S [...]

Comfrey: 400 B.C.

https://vimeo.com/245538926 Comfrey is an herb with hundreds of years of documented use. You need this herb in your life! Th [...]

Nature’s Tranquilizer

https://vimeo.com/174057252 It’s considered Nature’s tranquilizer. If your nerves need a break, Valerian is the herb for you [...]

Big Gun

Sometimes big challenges call for big guns! Make sure you keep this herb in your arsenal. This video snippet was taken from o [...]

Antioxidant Rich

https://vimeo.com/278544028 Everybody hears about antioxidants but what are they and what do they do for us? This video snip [...]

Help for Caregivers

Got sick kids? Chew on this! This video snippet was taken from our Juniper class, found in our Top 40 Herbs of North America [...]

Probiotic Smoothies

https://vimeo.com/278547316 Do you love probiotics? Well, probiotics love chlorophyll. Here's what you need to know about fe [...]

Nourishing the Pancreas

Yarrow is incredible for the pancreas. If you have pancreas issues or blood sugar symptoms, either high or low or fluctuating [...]

Adrenal Exhaustion

Do you burn the candle at both ends? Uva Ursi can help support your adrenal glands so you don't wear yourself out. This video [...]


When you are doing a detox, add Red Clover to your arsenal to help move those toxins out of your body. This video snippet was [...]

Liver Support

Milk Thistle: everybody should be using this herb! This video snippet was taken from our Milk Thistle class, found in our Top [...]

Take More

https://vimeo.com/279131694 Do you ever feel like herbs aren't working the way they're supposed to? We've got a tip for you! [...]

Long History

This plant has a long history. It dates clear back to Middle Ages and beyond and even in the Elizabethan era in England, it w [...]

Luxurious Cream

Look at the back of your skin cream jar. Can you pronounce all those ingredients? If not, there is something you should know [...]

King of Blood Purifiers

This royal beauty is mostly known for boosting the immune system, but did you know it can also purify your blood? Amazing! Th [...]

Bone Density

https://vimeo.com/279145658 You mean nourishing our bodies with hormone balancing herbs can make our bones stronger? Who kne [...]

Parts to Use

Find out how to use the very versatile Mullein. This video snippet was taken from our Mullein class, found in our Top 40 Herb [...]

Morning Sickness

https://vimeo.com/245554254 Find out the best way to use Ginger for morning sickness. Then go tell all your friends! This vi [...]

Garlic Study

What happens when you put Garlic in a petri dish full of bacteria? This video snippet was taken from our Garlic class, found [...]

Dandy Little Components

Dandelion is a great source of Calcium... and so many other "dandy" things! This video snippet was taken from our Dandelion c [...]

Bug Repellent

https://vimeo.com/172957249 Bugs bugging you? Try eating this herb to keep them away. This video snippet was taken from our [...]

Calming Effect

Licorice root is a delicious way to calm down inflammation in the body. This video snippet was taken from our Licorice class, [...]

All the Dophiluses

https://vimeo.com/222592620 If you are spending your hard-earned money on probiotics, you might want to consider taking this [...]

Pinkham’s Formula

  https://vimeo.com/222591102 This formula, which contained Black Cohosh, promised "A Baby in Every Bottle!" This video [...]


https://vimeo.com/172936086 Does your skin need a pick-me-up? Freshen and brighten your skin with Aloe Vera. This video snip [...]

History of Eyebright

Herbalists as early as the 1300's have written about the benefits of Eyebright. Culpeper said that spectacles would be less n [...]

Opposing Properties

 This plant has opposing properties that mold to whatever your body needs. It can have a calming effect to settle things dow [...]

Looks Like

Many old physicians used a plant by what it looks like and what it matches in the body. For instance, the hollow stalk or ste [...]

Poor Man’s Opium

https://vimeo.com/245560773 Wild Lettuce or Mild Lettuce? What was once recreationally used in the 1970’s is now used to hel [...]

Milky Sap

https://vimeo.com/245560013 Some rules are made to be broken. A milky sap doesn't ALWAYS mean it's poisonous. This video sni [...]

4th Century BC

https://vimeo.com/265318357 Clear back in the 4th Century B.C. Ginger was used in China for digestion ailments. More than 20 [...]

Ear Aches

https://vimeo.com/245558697 Mullein oil in the ear helps in a myriad of ways. Best to keep some of this in your medicine cab [...]

Pliny the Elder

https://vimeo.com/245557971 Just a spoon full of honey and Milk Thistle helps get bile moving, helps get bile moving, helps [...]

Heart Trifecta

https://vimeo.com/172961254 When you think of Hawthorne you should always think heart strengthening, heart rejuvenating, reb [...]

Big Dumb Herb

https://vimeo.com/245540045 The only time mimicking makes you happy is if it's Comfrey doing it.  Comfrey mimics the qualiti [...]

Menopause! Ahhh!

Night sweats and hot flashes? Unadulterated Black Cohosh can help cool your jets. This video snippet was taken from our Black [...]

Wound Care

https://vimeo.com/245556998 Decoction, tea or poultice. It soothes any way you wrap it up. This video snippet was taken from [...]

Dandelion is a Food

You say noxious weed? We say herbal food. You may want to reconsider what's growing in your lawn. This video snippet was take [...]

Natural Contraceptive

What did they use before the pill, you might wonder. The natural contraceptive properties of this herb might get you buying W [...]


Mucous-y is magical to the lining of the intestines and stomach.  In fact, it's soothing effects can support the whole digest [...]

Pioneers used Goldenseal

 The pioneers used Goldenseal with wounds, for rashes and chewed it for mouth sores. Is it time to get back to the olden day [...]

Regal Echinacea

https://vimeo.com/172941423 This regal plant with its crown of beautiful plumage will make you stand up and take notice. Thi [...]