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Althea root assists the body with soothing mucilage, laxative and diuretic qualities. Download the pdf to learn more. Video c [...]


https://vimeo.com/319603178 The restorative nutrients in Amla berries supply the body with high amounts of Vitamin C, assist [...]


The nutrients in Anise support the body's digestive and respiratory health. Download the pdf to learn more. Video coming soon [...]


The nutrients in Antlers assist the body in renewing vitality,  nourishing the blood, joints and bone marrow, and supporting [...]


Ashwagandha can assist the body in reducing stress, promoting energy and rejuvenation, supporting male fertility and building [...]


https://vimeo.com/316682489 The nutrients in the Chinese herb Astragalus are known to assist the body in stimulating the imm [...]


Barberry supports the body in improving circulation, normalizing blood pressure, purifying the blood and cleansing and suppor [...]


The nutrients in Bayberry assist the body in stimulating circulation, cleansing and toning areas of mucous secretions such as [...]

Black Walnut

https://vimeo.com/318619084 Black Walnut hulls stimulate a cleansing, laxative effect in the intestines, thus quickly evacua [...]

Blue Cohosh

https://vimeo.com/320341633 The many nutrients in Blue Cohosh are known to relieve muscle cramps, coordinate uterine contrac [...]


Buchu has traditionally been used to treat symptoms associated with urinary tract infections and diseases. Download the pdf t [...]


https://vimeo.com/317127302 Calendula is known to support healthy skin, tissues and membranes by assisting the body in impro [...]


The nutrients in Cannabis may assist the body in improving the symptoms associated with a variety of diseases. Download the p [...]


The high levels of nutrients in Chlorella energize the body and assist in supporting immune health and detoxification of heav [...]


Cinnamon can assist the body in digestion, blood-sugar balance and supporting the immune system. Download the pdf to learn mo [...]


https://vimeo.com/316697668 Cloves are more than just an aromatic spice. The nutrients in Cloves assist the body's immune sy [...]


https://vimeo.com/316690401 Cordyceps helps to energize the body, support the immune system... and much more. download pdf [...]

Cramp Bark

https://vimeo.com/316678332 Cramp Bark assists the body in quieting cramps, spasms, and nerves... and much more. download pd [...]


https://vimeo.com/317321953 The components found in Damiana assist the body in supporting hormone balance in both men and wo [...]

Dong Quai

https://vimeo.com/318679422 Dong Quai is known as a female herb. It assists the body in returning balance to the hormone sys [...]

Elder Flower

Elderberry syrup is a long-time folk remedy. The nutrients in Elder Flowers assist the body in fighting colds, fevers and flu [...]


The nutrients in Elecampane assist the body in dealing with congestion in the lungs, digestive tract and urinary tract. Downl [...]


https://vimeo.com/318677206 The nutrients in Eucalyptus assist the body in dealing with congestion in the lungs, strengtheni [...]


Fennel is full of nutrients that can assist the body in cleansing, digestion, lactation, and much more. Download the pdf to l [...]


https://vimeo.com/326442069 The nutrients in Fenugreek assist the body in getting rid of mucus in the lungs, managing diabet [...]


https://vimeo.com/318659529 Feverfew is an herb that can assist the body in dealing with symptoms associated with migraines, [...]

Ginkgo Biloba

This Chinese herb, Gingko Biloba, has components and nutrients that assist the body in supporting circulation, brain function [...]


The nutrients in the Chinese herb Panax Ginseng stimulate and enliven the body. It is said that the sick use it to assist the [...]

Goat’s Rue

The herb Goat's Rue assists the body in improving lactation, balancing blood sugar, and much more. Download the pdf to learn [...]

Gotu Kola

https://vimeo.com/326447222 Gotu Kola is an Ayurvedic herb that assists the body in nourishing the brain, stimulating circul [...]

Green Tea

Green Tea is a Chinese herb that is known for its antioxidants which assist the body with circulation, anti-aging effects, an [...]


This beautiful plant is native to Africa and Southeast Asia. It is cooling to the body and can assist in lowering blood press [...]

Holy Basil

Holy Basil is an Ayurvedic herb. It has recently become popular for the effects it has in assisting the body in handling stre [...]


The nutrients in Hops assist the body in nourishing and supporting the nerves, either stimulating or relaxing the nerves, as [...]


The nutrients in Horehound assist the body in providing a soothing expectorant for coughs, supporting the heart, and much mor [...]


Horseradish is a stimulating herb whose components assist the body with digestion, and support the upper respiratory system. [...]


The nutrients in Horsetail assist the body in supporting the urinary tract and acting as a diuretic and astringent as needed [...]


An ancient herb mentioned in the Bible, Hyssop can assist the body by supporting digestion and cleansing out congestion and i [...]

Irish Moss

Irish Moss is a type of seaweed with nutrients that support the respiratory system and thyroid, as well as the liver, thus pr [...]

Kava Kava

Kava Kava is originally from the South Pacific Islands and has components that assist the body in relaxing muscles and sedati [...]


The Asian herb Kratom has components that assist the body in dealing with discomfort and improving mood with a sedative-eupho [...]


The nutrients and essential oils of Lavender assist the body in protecting and quieting the nerves. Download the pdf to learn [...]


Native to the Peruvian mountains, Maca assists the body in maximizing strength and sexual health for both men and women. Down [...]


The nutrients in Motherwort assist the body in revitalizing the heart, resolving female issues, and much more. Download the p [...]


Mugwort can assist the body in supporting and strengthening the liver and gall bladder, improving digestion. Download the pdf [...]

Mung Beans

Mung Beans are actually Chinese lentils. They are nutrient and fiber rich, assisting the body with brain, heart, and digestiv [...]


Native to regions near the Red Sea, Myrrh is a tree resin with components that assist the body's immune system with cleansing [...]


The nutrients in Nettle assist the body in reducing symptoms associated with inflammation, allergies, and much more. Download [...]


The nourishing nutrients in Oats and Oatstraw assist the body to clam inflammation and soothe and support nerves. Download th [...]

Olive Leaf

Native to the Asia Minor and Syrian areas, Olive leaf supports the body's immune system by fighting bacteria, candida, and mo [...]


This nutritious herb supports the body in many ways, including cleansing the immune system and nourishing the urinary tract. [...]

Passion Flower

The nutrients found in Passion Flower assist the body in supporting and calming the nerves and promoting restful sleep. Downl [...]

Pau d’Arco

Native to the South American Andes, Pau d'Arco supports the immune system, helps the body protect the liver and much more. Do [...]


Plantain contains nutrients that can assist the body in getting rid of toxins and mucus, mend skin tissues, and support the i [...]


Psyllium contains nutrients and bulk fiber that can support the body with laxative and purging effects in the intestines. Dow [...]


Reishi is a mushroom that is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate the immune system, minimize the effec [...]


The herb Rhubarb is native to China. Be careful not to confuse this herb with the everyday garden-variety rhubarb plant. The [...]

Rose Hips

Rose Hips are loaded with Vitamin C and other nutrients that assist the body in strengthening the digestive tract and support [...]


The nutrients and essential oils in Rosemary help the body to stimulate and tone the heart and nerves and improve memory. Dow [...]


The herb Sarsaparilla is known to assist the body with hormone balancing, digestion and immune system support. Download the p [...]


Schisandra is a Chinese herb. The components and nutrients in Schisandra assist in energizing the body and helping it respond [...]


Senna comes to us from Africa. The components and nutrients in Senna powerfully assist the body to purge, cleanse, and suppor [...]

Sheep Sorrel

Sheep Sorrel is one of the herbs found in Essiac tea. It contains many vitamins and is known to help the body with cleansing. [...]


The nutrients found in Skullcap assist the body in supporting, soothing and toning the nerves. Download the pdf to learn more [...]

Squaw Vine

Squaw Vine is an herb that is native to the United States and was historically used by the Native Americans to support the fe [...]


Native to South America, Stevia provides us with a sugar substitute that supports the pancreas and helps the body improve glu [...]

Stone Root

Native to North America, Stone Root supports the urinary tract and reproductive organs and assists the body in minimizing con [...]


Turmeric comes to us from Southern Asia. This herb has become popularized in the West for the way it assists the body in deal [...]

Wheat Grass

The nutrients (including chlorophyll) found in Wheat Grass assist the body in cleansing, boosting immunity and improving nutr [...]

White Oak Bark

The nutrients found in White Oak bark assist the body in minimizing inflammation, tightening tissues and strengthening capill [...]

White Pine Bark

White Pine bark contains nutrients that can assist the body in balancing blood sugar, improving athletic performance, and muc [...]

Witch Hazel

The nutrients found in Witch Hazel are known to act as a natural astringent as well as assist the body in soothing irritated [...]


Wormwood contains nutrients that help support the digestive system and assist the body in ridding itself of parasites. Downlo [...]

Yerba Mate

Native to South America, Yerba Mate is nutrient dense and assists the body in nerve stimulation and healthy weight loss. Down [...]

Yerba Santa

Yerba Santa is an herb that assists the body in relieving fatigue, stimulating cortisone production and clearing mucus. Downl [...]