Green & Clean



Did you know that Alfalfa can help your social life? Stop looking for the strongest deodorant available at the grocery store…instead, look to Alfalfa. Not only is it packed with nutrients (Seriously! Packed! Look it up!), but its benefits will make you clean through and through.

For starters it contains chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is one molecule away from the chemical makeup of human blood. It absorbs easily into the body and assists in cleansing blood. Because of this, it can help with digestion, nourishing cells, tissues, and organs and helps the body rid itself of toxins, bacteria, and acid.

Do you know what this means? Since it’s cleaning out toxins it is basically acting like an internal deodorant. Bad breath? Alfalfa helps. Stinky feet? Alfalfa helps. Body odor? Alfalfa helps. Stinky athletic teenagers hanging around your house after practice? Make them take alfalfa. Seriously, try it!