Getting Rid of Them the Herbal Way

Blackheads. Nobody likes them, and it may be safe to say that everyone gets them. While we’ve addressed things like Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, and Bentonite Clay Masks for skin health, there may be a couple other things that specifically help get rid of those annoying blackheads.

Since blackheads are a result of excessive accumulation of dead skin cells and open oily pores, the first method of attack may be using a natural exfoliant. Salt. Not table salt. Good, unrefined, unprocessed natural sea salt or salt from ancient sea-beds. Why? Salt is nourishing to the skin, it is full of minerals, it is antibacterial, and assists the body in healing the skin.

There are a lot of salt scrubs out there, but a simple one is to mix salt with Jojoba Oil. Why Jojoba Oil? Well, it is rich in Vitamin E, contains Vitamin B complex and some minerals such as silicon, chromium, copper and zinc, it is antibacterial and antifungal, and it naturally helps your skin balance oiliness on your face, which is especially helpful when dealing with blackheads.   

The beauty of this beauty technique is that it doesn’t need to be exact. Take a bit of Jojoba Oil, add the desired amount of salt, drop in your favorite skin-nourishing essential oil (Lavender is always popular), and you have a natural exfoliant that will help fight blackheads. Apply when needed.

This isn’t something you’ll do every day, so another herb that is great for the skin and can be used daily to fight blackheads is Aloe Vera gel. Using the gel straight from the plant is ideal, but you can definitely find a brand that is straight gel without any dyes or extra ingredients. After cleansing your face, use Aloe Vera Gel as a moisturizer to help soothe and calm the skin, as well as to help inhibit bacteria from spreading (yes, it’s antibacterial).

If you find that blackheads are deep in the skin, consider steaming your face twice a week for 30 minutes at a time. If you’d like to add healing herbs like Calendula, Comfrey, or Lavender buds, it wouldn’t hurt. Steaming helps bring the blackheads to the surface and then you can cleanse and scrub as you desire.  

So there’s your attack. While you are nourishing your body on the inside (which, of course, will help your skin), these are methods that will nourish it on the outside and help fight those pesky blackheads.