Five reasons why Myrrh is so Myrrh-velous


We know this herb was so special 2,000 years ago that Wise Men felt it was worthy of a valuable gift. We can probably speculate why they did so, but here are five reasons why Myrrh still holds value to the modern-day herbalist:

1. Myrrh is an antiseptic, which makes it good for sores and wounds.
2. It is especially nourishing to the mouth and can help the body with throat or mouth sores. Use as a gargle or mouthwash.
3. It assists the body in fighting candida or thrush.
4. It helps the body fight infections and is especially helpful to the body when dealing with chest afflictions.
5. Where Goldenseal cannot be used because of hypoglycemia or pregnancy, Myrrh is an excellent replacement. Or, used together with Goldenseal, it makes an excellent antiseptic salve.

However you decide to use it, we are sure you will come to see that Myrrh truly is a treasure!