Dynamic Duo Helps Win the War on Warts!


How would you like a Wart Recipe? Now there’s a question you don’t hear very often!


When you think of the word “Wart,” other words that come to mind are “nuisance,” “embarrassing,” or just “eeew.”


If you come across a wart anytime soon, just remember 2 words:  Myrrh & Apple Cider Vinegar. Myrrh is an herb that helps the body fight viruses, while Raw Apple Cider Vinegar helps with nourishing the skin. This is one successful combo you might want to consider in your arsenal!


Using powdered Myrrh and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, make a paste (peanut butter consistency) and apply to the warts daily.  Also, take capsulated Myrrh internally.


Within time, watch to see if the warts scab over and fall off. Then you’ll have 2 more allies to thank for your confidently clearer skin!