Daily Inspirations

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Need an herbal “Pick – me – Up?” Learn simple tips and tricks, fun facts and healthy wisdom! The inspirations just keep on coming!

Strengthen Those Lungs!

Meet Mullein. If you were to go buy some cut up mullein leaves in bulk, you might be surprised at how light and fluffy they a [...]

Feel Dandy with Dandelion

It’s yellow. It’s bright and cheery. It can evolve into puffballs and grant wishes. But, to the ordinary gardener, it’s just [...]

Making Memories

Someone once said: “ Forgive the mess, we are making memories.” We fully realize that with family and friends, life can get m [...]

Baby Your Pet Babies!

  If you talk to a pet owner, chances are you will find someone who thinks the world of their pet. You may even hear “Fi [...]

The Beauty of Aloe Vera

  Aloe Vera naturally brings vitality and beauty to the skin without any harmful side effects. After all, haven’t you ev [...]

Green & Clean

    Did you know that Alfalfa can help your social life? Stop looking for the strongest deodorant available at the [...]

Yerba Mate

  Is there an herb for organization? Yes: Yerba Mate (pronounced mä'-tay). How does this herb help you organize? Just re [...]

Moringa: The Super Herb

  It's been called a miracle tree and is known to be fast-growing and drought tolerant. Every part of the tree can be us [...]

Comforted by Cloves

  There's nothing more house warming than the smell of Clove in the air. You may see it on a ham or in a yummy spiced Wa [...]


  There is nothing better than a juicy pear. Did you know that this delicious fruit is also very nourishing to the lungs [...]

BEE SMART! Use Raw Honey

  Many people have asked the question, "What's the difference between regular honey and raw honey?" It comes down to thi [...]

Did Somebody Say Enema?

You've probably heard the word enema mentioned a few times throughout this course and thought "Uh, nope. NOT happenin'!" But [...]

Kelp for Help

Support Your Thyroid Health Naturally While you may not know if you have a thyroid disorder, if you experience the following [...]

The King of Spices

Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher, called it this; but today we like to call it Garlic. This amazing herb is known to have been [...]

…with Ashwagandha

Life comes with a lot of joy and festivities, but it can also come with stress. So much so that our inner Scrooge, Grinch, or [...]

Take Comfort in Comfrey

Comfrey contains something called Allantoin, an ingredient also found in Aloe Vera. Allantoin is known to help stimulate cell [...]

Fun in the Sun!!!

We all know the Sun is a great source for plants, but did you know the Sun may help our health in the following ways? · Suppo [...]

A Whole Plant to Love

You see them in your breakfast bowl. You see them in granola bars. You sometimes see them in specialty whole grain breads. Th [...]

Fun Facts

Did you know that blood filters through the liver every 3 minutes? That's right, blood, the transporter of nutrients to your [...]


Your eyes are the windows to your soul. But how do you take care of them? Check out the herb Eyebright and see how it is so g [...]

Thinking Herbally

"To think Herbally is to think differently; we must think as nature does - holistically. Nature emphasizes the whole, rather [...]

Your Epidermis is Showing!

OK, grade school humor aside, it’s true, your skin is showing and it’s probably saying more about your health than you are aw [...]

Embracing Echinacea

If you’ve heard of Echinacea, you may have also heard that you can only take it for a certain period of time. Perhaps that is [...]

Cuckoo for Coconut Oil!

What we are about to share with you may seem completely counter intuitive. After all, when you think of oils in food, you thi [...]

Red Clover! Red Clover!

Do you remember playing the game Red Rover when you were young? You'd call out Red Rover and have the other team send one chi [...]

Can’t beat those beets!

Looking for a gentle cleanse? Consider juicing beets! Here are some reasons why this pretty root vegetable could be just righ [...]

The Power of Pineapple

It's yellow, like the sun. It's tropical. It's fruity. It could taste like a warm breeze on the beach. But while you savor it [...]


This is an herb that is for just about everyone. Whether you just ran a marathon, recently did your first workout in forever, [...]

Reboot with Fasting

Generally, when we think of fasting we associate it with spiritual grounding or some kind of cleanse. But did you know that f [...]

Eat as the Italians Eat

Just how effective is olive oil? Over 25 recent studies suggest that it’s very effective. In fact, they have found overwhelmi [...]

Reishi – A Real Fun Guy

In Chinese medicine he is known as the Mushroom of Immortality. In Western Holistic communities he is known as the King of He [...]

Got Garcinia Cambogia?

Not to be confused by its cousin, Garcinia Mangostana, this herb has recently been in the spotlight for good dietary reasons. [...]

Patience Does a Body Good

“Nature never makes haste. Her systems revolve at an even pace . . . the bud swells imperceptibly, without hurry or confusion [...]

The Plant Doctor Is In

Her name is Chamomile and she goes by a few names. The Greeks called her "Ground Apple" because of the way she grows on the g [...]

Love that Licorice

In the non-herbal world, licorice is usually associated with snacks and candies that aren't even flavored by the true natural [...]

The Amazing Avocado

According to the Mayans, "Where avocados grow, hunger or malnutrition has no friends." We already know that the very nature o [...]


"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in [...]

Holistic Health 101

At HerbU we are packing years and years of learning and experience into one course, and we realize it's easy to forget about [...]

Be That Change

“I am in Control.” What a great mantra! And what better way to learn than from one of history’s best gurus on controlling the [...]

The Truth About Snake Oil

Way back in the "olden days," Australians exported a special remedy to America for the miners, trappers, and anyone moving we [...]

Take Clues from Nature

How many of us truly inspect the food we eat? Did you know there are clues in common fruits and vegetables that we eat… hopef [...]

Some Words of Wisdom

"Picture yourself when you were five. In fact, dig out a photo of little you at that time and tape it to your mirror. How wou [...]

Rosemary for Radiation

Many of us have heard about radiation and the effects it can have on the body, and in the cell phone age, we are surrounded w [...]

Oooh Honey

In its raw and unfiltered form, honey's gooey richness is jam-packed full of nutrients that our bodies just adore!        Pos [...]

Hemp Seeds

Looking for a source of vegan protein? Look no further. Hemp seeds are a great source of protein and valuable nutrients. One [...]

Have a Choco-Nutty Day!

Dark chocolate-covered nuts are well worthy of a celebration and here's why: Dark Chocolate        Quality dark chocolate is [...]

Celebrate Spinach!

Instead of boring you with the typical facts about how spinach was Popeye's go-to herb, and how it's so high in iron, here's [...]