Cracking the Mysterious Code of the Coconut

What secret treasure lies beneath that hard, hairy brown shell? Coconut Oil! Seems counter-intuitive to hype up something that is a fat, right? However, coconut oil is not like an average vegetable or animal fat, and not at all like the notorious trans-fat! Because it’s made up of medium chain triglycerides, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is actually good for helping the body’s digestion, absorption, brain function, nervous system, & circulation.

Thanks to its high amount of lauric acid, a fatty acid that is antibacterial and antiviral, coconut oil helps support the immune system.

Lastly, coconut oil is great for assisting the body in weight loss as well as helping fight off candida and fungal infections.

Here are ten great ideas on how to implement coconut oil in your daily routine…

For Health:

  1.    Use it as a substitute for other fats, like butter (yes, butter your bread with it).
  2.    Use it in baked goods such as banana bread or zucchini bread.
  3.    Take it by the spoonful. If you can’t handle the oily texture, mix it in a small amount of water (the water works as a natural encapsulator, at least long enough to swallow it).
  4. Cut to the chase and just take it in capsules.

For Beauty:

  1.    Use a scant amount to tame your frizz
  2.    Use as a skin moisturizer
  3.    Use to smooth cracked heels and soften feet
  4.    Use to control stretch marks
  5.    Use as an eye makeup remover

The secret’s out! There is a lot of information out there on how to use Coconut Oil! Do some research, get creative, and make this fragrant oil your friend. You’ll find it’s not a mystery after all!