Comforted by Cloves


There’s nothing more house warming than the smell of Clove in the air. You may see it on a ham or in a yummy spiced Wassail. And who doesn’t remember sticking a hundred tiny cloves into an orange in elementary school?

But did you know….

  • Back in the day, Grandma used to chew on the whole cloves to promote fresh breath and help the body with healthier teeth.
  • Dentists once used it to numb the gums as well as to help disinfect because of the ingredient Eugenol. Some people still use Cloves to assist the body in dealing with symptoms associated with a toothache.
  • Cloves help the body fight parasites.
  • They promote healthy digestion.
  • Many people use Clove essential oil to help the body fight off athlete’s foot because of its antifungal properties. Because of its strength, some people need to use it with a carrier oil.
  • Clove essential oil has also been used by many to help pull heavy metals from the body. It is recommended to apply it to the feet every night for 30 days.

We hope you will enjoy these comforting benefits of this aromatic herb!