An infusion of medicinal properties from roots or bark into a liquid. It takes more time to pull nutrients out of roots and bark than it does leaves. A weak…

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  An ointment that is made from an herbal oil and beeswax. Herbal oils are oils that have been infused with herbs over a period of time and then strained.…

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An extraction of herbs in glycerin, vinegar or alcohol. Apple Cider Vinegar is all right for most herbal tinctures. If the herb is oily or sticky, Everclear Brand 190 Proof…

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USES – OLIVE OIL: Olive Oil for Skin

We just cannot say enough good things about Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Use it directly on the skin to help diminish bruising, ease aches or for symptoms of eczema. And we’re…

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USES – SALT: Salt Water

Want to absorb more nutrients including minerals and electrolytes? Adding a little Himalayan salt water in your diet will do just that.

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USES – ACV: Cough Syrup

Try this well-known cough syrup. It is completely raw - no cooking - just pure raw goodness.

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