Aloe and Rose










A treat for your skin

Here’s a recipe that you and your skin will just love!  We’ve learned how awesome aloe is for the skin, how it goes deep into the skin, and how it helps the skin heal so well.  But rose petals are also a refreshing herb for the skin. Did you know they have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties?  Rose petals are also high in vitamin C which can help the body protect skin cells from damage. Lastly, rose petals are moisturizing, because of the natural oils, and they work as a natural astringent, helping the body tighten the pores and toning the skin.



Aloe Rose Skin Soother

  • 1/3  cup aloe vera gel (100%, all natural)
  • 1/3 cup rose petals (tightly packed in)
  1. Place the aloe vera gel and the rose petals in a blender or mini food processor.  Blend together thoroughly. It gets frothy, but that is not a problem.
  2. After blending, strain it through a mesh sieve or something similar.  Press and squeeze it through so you get every last drop out of it. It will be pink and lovely!
  3. Store it in the refrigerator where it will stay fresh for a week.  Or, to make it last longer, store it in the freezer in ice cube trays and use it when needed.