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The creation of HerbU has been decades in the making with contributions from many. Some of us have been reared with nature all our lives, and others are fairly recent converts. Our individual and personal experiences make up the blossoming garden of HerbU. We’ve discovered in our “gardening” that God has blessed us with amazing plants that do amazing things – and that these wonderful herbs are intended for everyone - not just the wealthy or the lucky!

Our collective passion is to share what we’ve learned about the magnificent medicinal and supportive properties of natures best - with you!

Angela Harris

HerbU Visionary and CEO

I am a mother and fifth-generation herbalist from the Southwestern United States. Through my own experience with serious illness and through taking care of my friends and family I know that herbs really work, and I believe everyone deserves to know. Over the last 25 years I have lectured around North America about herbalism and natural living. In 2004, my family and I opened Herbally Grounded, a natural food store that not only filled our needs, but those of other herbalists. Our health ministry continues to grow with our family and with every new herbalist that is inspired by the beauty and divinity of these incredible plants. My husband and I left the dream of Herbally Grounded to found HerbU, an educational platform to teach your family how to incorporate this lost wisdom.

Kristi Taylor

Creative Director and COO

About 9 days in on a 12 day bus tour my husband developed edema-like symptoms in his ankles. They were blotchy red and very swollen. I mentioned his condition to someone we sat near on the bus who I learned was something of an herbalist. That day she handed him a handful of small green berries (juniper) she’d collected at our latest stop and instructed him to put a few in his mouth, crack them open, then swallow. She suggested doing this a few times a day. Skeptical, yet hopeful, he tried what appeared to be very strange advice. Twenty-four hours later his ankles had noticeably shrunken. By the second day all edema type symptoms were gone.

My eyes were now open wide, (very wide) to the reality and logic of plant-based healing. Since then my learning curve has been almost vertical as I learn about this wonderful world and its many possibilities.

Brittney Noble

Website Guru and Content Specialist

When I was a little girl I remember thinking that my Grandma was so wise. If someone had an ache or pain or a strange symptom she always seemed to know what was wrong and what to do about it. Her experience and knowledge seemed so helpful and useful. I wanted to be like her! Now that I am a mother of 5 kids I am so thankful for the things I learned from her and other wise women and men I know. Herbal understanding is empowering. It helps me take care of myself and the people I love. I am thrilled to be a part of HerbU and this community of learning!

Ginger Warner

Contributing Editor and Content Specialist

Herbs came into my life at the perfect time. With the pressures of working nights to get my husband through college, 4 young children and 1 on the way, we found ourselves in the doctor’s office every couple of months for this or that. Mainly for my sickly 3-year-old who had a myriad of problems going on, including chronic bronchitis, food allergies, and slow development which we later learned was Autism. I started attending every herbal class I could from Angela Harris. I would stay after to listen to others questions and ask my own. What books can I read? What websites can I check out? What are other herbalists doing? It was through this learning that I began to feel empowered and knew I could take the health of my family and myself back into my own prayerful hands. I couldn’t get enough. I was especially drawn to what generations before us did for their families. If they could do it – so could I!

Soaking in everything I could about herbs for the last 15 years has left me with a gratitude for God and of these magnificent plants we have been given. This has completely changed the dynamic of my family that has since grown from 7 to 10. So years later, when the opportunity came to help with HerbU, I was all in. I have a burning desire to share this with the rest of the world so others can feel this same empowering joy that comes from helping our families live life the way we are meant to.

Connie Meager

Contributing Editor

Studying Nutrition and Food Science in college provided me with a basis of understanding of how the body works normally and how it functions when under duress. My feet were firmly planted in the “doctor knows all” world for many years. Four children later – I returned to the doctor every three weeks with my young 6-month old for recurring ear infections. Seeing my frustration a new friend offered some herbs. When 3 and then 4 months passed without ear infections my attention was won. This and other herbal successes in my family moved us over to the healthier alternative-wellness world. Even though I’ve changed methods, my awe and wonder of the human body and its capacity to heal itself has been strengthened with the discovery of the herbal world.

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