As Good as a Walk on the Beach

When your body gets tense and filled with stress, wouldn’t it be nice to just go for a walk on the beach and breathe in the salty ocean air? Well, not all of us can do that, but thankfully Mother Nature has given us a beautiful gift that can help our stressed out bodies. That gift is called Kava Kava.

For three thousand years this herb has been part of a rich tradition in the Polynesian islands and referred to as “The Drink of Peace.” Though the Kava Ceremony is saved for only special occasions, we can still enjoy all the benefits of this fabulous herb on a regular basis.

Kava Kava is best known for helping the body deal with nervousness, anxiety, stress, and unrest. It can assist in relaxing the muscles, but it doesn’t impair reaction time. In fact it may help in improving concentration. In many cases, when dealing with tension that causes neck discomfort or tight shoulders, Kava Kava can help throughout the day. In addition, it can be helpful to many at night when dealing with insomnia or the occasional sleepless night.

Take it in a capsule, tincture, or even as a tea. Interestingly, if you choose to drink it, it can have a mild numbing effect on the mouth. If this does not appeal to you, then consider using capsules.

Years ago Kava Kava was taken off the market because of reported liver damage. However, it had been discovered that taking Kava Kava with alcohol was the problem. So, as usual with all herbs, use wisdom and follow your body.

Have a relaxing and stress-free day!